Anniversary gifts

Celebration Days - Unique Gift Ideas for Every Occasion

Stylish domestic wooden products are suitable as a gift for many celebrations! You can personalize the gift with a personal text engraving intended for the hero of the day, making your gift even more unique!

Personalized for the recipient

Make your gift completely tailored to the recipient! All our products can be personalized through laser engraving. Adding a date, name, shared memory, or a heartfelt message makes your gift unique. It also leaves the recipient with an unforgettable memory of you and the celebration day!

Distinctive gift

Stand out by giving a gift that is domestically made from wood, rather than plastic, metal, or glass! All our products are made from eco-friendly birch or oak plywood, without the use of glue, nails, or screws! Our products are assembled using patented joint technology, giving them a distinctive and unique appearance.

Domestic & Eco-friendly

All Kolo Design products are designed and manufactured in Finland. We have been awarded the Key Flag and Design From Finland labels. By choosing our products as gifts, you support Finnish work and contribute to nature conservation! We manufacture our products in an environmentally friendly manner, using renewable and carbon-neutral raw materials!