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Kolo Design Distribution goods - choose an ekological option

Kolo Design distribution goods are made to last in daily use. Forget plastic and instead of that choose an ekological product which helps telling about your company's responsibility! All o our products are made in Finland.

Wooden Business Card

From 0,85€ (ALV0%)
From 1,05€ (ALV24%)

Wooden key chain

From 1,14€ (ALV0%)
From 1,41€ (ALV24%)

Wooden Parking Disc, oak

From 3,73€ (ALV0%)
From 4,62€ (ALV24%)

Puzzle game

From 7,74€ (ALV0%)
From 9,60€ (ALV24%)

Wooden Parking Disc, birch

From 3,73€ (ALV0%)
From 4,62€ (ALV24%)

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Forget Plastic

Choose your company’s distribution goods based on your values. Kolo Design distribution goods are made from ekological plywood and they are made a part of daily life so the products can be used in many situations. Choose a useful and long-term wood product instead of plastic.

Your logo

You can get your company logo marked in all of our distribution goods. Small gifts and promotion products leave’s positive image of your company. In addition products can also be marked with your slogan, contact, name or whatever you want!

More power on marketing with a QR-code

Thanks to the engraving products can also be marked with QR-code. With that you can lead your customers straight in your website, commercial or making an appointment. With distribution goods you can increase your company's reputation. And with the QR-code your marketing can turn into sales.

Customized products to your company

We can also make completely customized products to your company. For example we can make a key chain in the shape of your logo or distribution goods dyed in your brand colors. If you are interested in customized products or you want us to design totally your own product. Please contact us so we can discuss different options.