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Kolo Design Distribution goods - More power to your marketing

We want to create unique wooden promotional products that stand out with their eco-friendliness and durability. Kolo Design distribution goods are designed for everyday use, ensuring they won't be tucked away and forgotten. With your company's logo engraved on these wooden promotional gifts, you message about your company's sustainability and values!

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Wooden Promotional Products

Traditional plastic giveaway items don't allow your company to convey its sustainability values, and end customers are no longer interested in disposable promotional gifts, as they often end up in the trash.

We want to create wooden promotional products that stand out with their eco-friendliness and durability. Kolo Design distribution goods are made from ecological Finnish oak and birch plywood. Our giveaway items are designed to become a part of people's daily lives, ensuring they get regular use. Choose your company's promotional gifts based on your values, with a commitment to respecting the environment. Kolo Design manufactures truly Finnish, practical, and responsible wooden marketing products.

With your logo

All Kolo Design distribution goods can be branded with your company's logo! Logo branding enhances your brand recognition and provides numerous viewings for your logo. Wooden promotional products with your company's logo are suitable for events like trade fairs and your company's functions. Small promotional items leave a positive impression on your customers and make it easier for them to reach out later. In addition to your logo, we can engrave your company's slogan, contact information, QR code, or anything else you desire on the promotional items.

Power up your marketing with QR Codes

With a QR code engraved on the promotional gift, you can direct potential customers straight to your company's website, promotional video, or appointment booking system! Promotional products are sure to increase your company's visibility and brand image. The QR code on the product can turn marketing into additional sales for your products and services!

Customized Promotional Gifts for Your Company

We can create fully customized branded products to your company's needs. Products can be cut in the shape of your company's logo or painted in your brand's colors, for example. With a personalized promotional gift for your company, you create an eco-friendly package and leave a lasting impression. If you are interested about branded products for your company or you want to create a completely unique promotional gift, feel free to contact us, and we'll work together to find the perfect solution for you!