Kolo Design products are now available at Prisma in Joensuu!

We have started a collaboration with Joensuu Prisma and now you can easily get the best ecological gifts and treats from Joensuu Prisma while your other purchases are on vacation! Kolo Design products can be found on the shelf, located immediately to the left of the information desk.

Prisma's selection includes all the most popular Kolo Design products, such as a wonderful birdhouse that can be easily assembled without tools, which is the perfect housewarming gift for a new home or as a housewarming party, which will delight not only people but also the little inhabitants of the birdhouse! Our other favorite products found in Prisma's selections are, for example, the filter bag holder and the napkin holder - combined with high-quality brand products, such as the mentioned napkin holder, with Finlayson's high-quality napkins. In this way, you can easily acquire a stylish gift set, which you can of course supplement from Prisma's comprehensive and family-friendly selection as needed!

If you still can't find a Kolo Design product in Prisma, you can contact us, and we will try to influence the matter as much as possible, and of course we can also deliver the products directly from our online store!