Charity campaign of the JOPO class of the knowledgeable school

KOLO design was involved in the 9.3 Tohmajärvi Tietäväinen school's JOPO class charity campaign, which was aimed at the benefit of children. In the campaign, the children of Käenpesä Kiuruje built homes for the birds with the guidance of the students, and the necessary "building blocks" came from KOLO design.

- Assembling the birdhouses put a smile on the faces of kindergarteners, students and the teacher, says teacher Sami Purmonen.

- The assembly was also successful for the smaller ones, and what's best, these birdhouses are enough joy for a long time, when we get to wait together for the first new residents in the houses!

KOLO design thanks Sam for getting in touch and for his valuable contribution to the well-being of children and young people! We will also try to participate in similar campaigns as much as we can in the future, so if you represent an educational institution or a community of general interest, feel free to ask us to join!