Saunominen on suomalaisen sydämessä!

Sauna is in the heart of Finns!

Sauna is in the heart of every Finn and the roots of sauna go all the way back to the Bronze Age! Of course, saunas and sauna culture have changed dramatically along the way, i.e. in the beginning saunas were just a pit dug into the ground with a pile of stones at the bottom. Even after the introduction of chimneys, the sauna was a very ascetic place for a long time, and in addition to just washing, the sauna was used quite versatile for different tasks, i.e. treated the sick and gave birth. Over the last few years, the sauna is rapidly becoming a new challenger to the kitchen for the title of "heart of the home" and even more attention has been paid to the interior of the sauna!

KOLO design Sauna products

We at KOLO design have also noticed the rapidly growing "sauna boom" and have launched our own sauna product family, which currently includes sauna thermometers, matchbox holders and Sixpack boxes. You can also order the match box holder and the sauna meter as a stylish sauna set, which are handy packages that can be mailed by letter. Genuinely 100% domestic KOLO design Sauna products complete the interior of your sauna and are the most excellent utility items!

Our products are also perfect as a gift, for example as a summer housewarming party! You can also personalize the gift with text engraving, which is done on our products using laser cutting, and for companies we also offer logo marking. What could be a more Finnish gift idea or cottage fire than a stylish personalized item for use in the sauna!

Our selection of sauna accessories is updated all the time, and our newest arrival is the KOLO design round sauna meter, which fits well with both modern and more classic interior styles. It is made of high-quality oak plywood, the raw material of which is certified and responsibly grown wood. For every felled tree, a new tree is planted and thus we take responsibility for the future of our planet by taking care of the regrowth of our forests! It is also a domestic key ticket product completely made in Finland - like all other KOLO design products, of course!