Story behind Kolo Design

Our story begun in the fall of 2013 when the meeting of our CEO and designer Olli Lyytikäinen and our Sales Director Jani Niemeläinen took place. Olli came to buy some building supplies for his house project from Jani’s company at the time and as the conversation took off, they started to throw around ideas about designing a bird house. Could an easy to assemble bird house without any screws or nails be designed? Jani’s idea was to offer the product as a business gift and so the bird house project finally found its way into a start-up in 2015.

Inspired by the original bird house, KOLO design products represent functional and ecological Finnish design. Our patented assembly technique enables compact packages. Light and space-saving KOLO design products can be effortlessly sent and transported making for a perfect gift. Puzzle like products come with assembly instructions and without any tricky extra supplies like screws or glue.

KOLO design is part of the Association of Finnish Work and all the products have been granted the Key Flag and Design from Finland marks.