Vauhti historiaseinä

Vauhti History Wall

Proudly presenting the history wall created for Vauhti Speed Ltd., which is a continuation of our successful collaboration on ski wax display stands!

Vauhti is a Finnish, responsibly operating, and innovative ski wax manufacturer that always moves forward at full speed. However, sometimes it's nice to take a look back, and that's how the Vauhti history wall came to be!

Vauhti's history traces back to 1912 when the successful Finnish skier Eetu Niska, during his competitive career, began experimenting with the development and production of waxes. After his active career, he established his own ski and wax factory in Kattilainen. It's been a long journey from there to the present, with Esa Puukilainen, PhD, Vauhti's current product development manager, standing before us. In his doctoral research, he investigated the interaction between plastic material and water—with one application naturally being the ski base! Summarizing Vauhti's history is quite challenging in just a few sentences, especially when it involves several business acquisitions and Finland's wartime history. We recommend delving into it more thoroughly at!

"One can now explore Vauhti's product history through the impressive history wall located in Vauhti's main hall," says Esa Puukilainen. "The echoes of history are literally tangible here, and products from different eras are beautifully arranged chronologically on the wall," adds Esa.

The Vauhti history wall is a completely custom-made product display, and the design process was led by Olli Lyytikäinen, the chief designer at Kolo Design. "During my on-site visit, I got the idea of a curved stand fitted into the staircase, visually striking but efficiently utilizing the space," describes Olli the initial stages of the process. "The varying elevations and the shape of the stairs made it a quite challenging project, but the vision convinced Esa so strongly that there weren't many alternative solutions considered," Olli continues.

"Choosing Kolo Design as the implementer for the history wall was a very natural choice based on our previous positive experiences with ski wax display stands, and I must say that high expectations were met once again this time," concludes Esa.

For Kolo Design, creating the history wall for Vauhti Speed Ltd. was also a significant milestone in its own product history because the successful collaboration with Vauhti has been a key factor in launching new solutions for display and storage!