Uurnia by Mervi Martiskin

Uurnia by Mervi Martiskin

Uurnia by Mervi Martiskin was born from the desire to make unique and ecological urns that combines the beauty of nature and the dignity of life.

Martiskin spent four years developing Uurnia. There was no similar urn made of wood on the Finnish market yet, so the entire design process was done by her - from start to finish. Finally, the urn found its final shape.

Kolo Design's and Mervi's paths crossed when Mervi started thinking about the product packaging for the urn.

"The high quality product needs a high quality package and the product is not completed without it. Designing the package took a lot of time and energy from me and it was never finished. At this point I decided to contact Kolo Design and ask for their help. I was surprised how packaging was completed in no time. Big thanks to KOLO design for this! The packaging is perfect for the urn! It protects the product even on the way to the other side of the world, is ecological and at the same time extremely beautiful!", says Mervi Martiskin.