Kolo Design Sauna Accessories – Finnishness for your sauna

Sauna is in every Finn's heart! Kolo Design's stylish and domestic sauna products crown your sauna moments! Wooden sauna products also make perfect gifts for your loved ones or your company's staff.

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Much in a Small Package

Our sauna products are perfect as gifts or souvenirs for the cottage. When the matchbox holder and sauna thermometer are packaged together in the same stylish package, a sauna set is created, available in both oak and birch plywood. Our popular sauna sets are mailable, making them easy and convenient to send. You can also personalize the gift with text engraving, done with laser cutting technology on our products.

Help with Sauna Heating

Heating a wood-fired sauna is its own project. Usually, the matches aren't where they should be. They've likely disappeared during the process of fetching firewood. It would be convenient to store matches near the sauna so that they're easily found when needed most. The matchbox holder is an excellent product for storing matches. Because of its appearance, it's not just a helper in everyday life but also a stylish decorative element for the sauna.

Emotions in Sauna Moments

You open the sauna door and feel the moist warmth on your skin. You sit on the benches, take the ladle in your hand, dip it into the sauna bucket, and pour water onto the stove. The stove hisses, and steam begins to rise. A tingling warm sensation envelops your body. It reminds you of the best sauna moments of your life. Those moments when, on summer evenings, you gaze out of the cottage sauna window and admire the beauty of Finnish nature. In these unique moments, we want to be with you.

Truly Finnish

We manufacture Kolo Design sauna accessories with warmth and love in our own factory in Joensuu. Domesticity, responsibility, and eco-friendliness are values we do not compromise on. Our wooden products reflect the beauty of Finland's nature. Our sauna products are perfect for all sauna enthusiasts and as corporate gifts.