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Kolo Design - Sustainability is the cornerstone of our business

"Kolo Design was born out of a desire to create unique products that stand out with their simplicity and environmental friendliness. When all the excess is stripped away from the product, the true essence of the wooden item is revealed. Simplicity is also energy-efficient and ecological. What remains is only the essential - beauty and practicality!"


Kolo Design's products are Finnish, responsible products, manufactured from renewable, carbon-neutral natural resources.

Kolo Design's products tell a story of a deep connection to the Finnish nature. Kolo Design products are a genuinely responsible choice that communicates your company's values and personal choices for the environment.

For Kolo Design, responsibility also means well-being for people and animals. Our responsibility mindset extends throughout the entire lifespan of the product - from raw materials through production - all the way to their reuse or possible disposal.

We demand the same transparent operating principles from our entire production chain, where all our subcontractors respect the environment, operate ecologically, and commit to sustainable production methods alongside us.

We are a member company of the Association for Finnish Work, and our products are genuinely Finnish Key Flag products. Additionally, our products bear the Design From Finland label!

Kolo Design Environmental Responsibility

Kolo Design Environmental Responsibility

"The four seasons of Finland's beautiful nature, lush forests, and blue lakes with rocky shores are an endless source of inspiration for innovative design. From this resource, we aim to draw imaginative solutions while respecting nature and utilizing its resources sustainably!"

Environmental responsibility is an intrinsic component of Kolo Design, an integral part of the company's mission, and also one of the most significant competitive advantages. We use natural resources, energy, and materials as sparingly and efficiently as possible.

We actively monitor the carbon footprint generated by our operations. We systematically strive to reduce emissions in our production chain and also require environmental friendliness from all our subcontractors.

Kolo Design Products

Kolo Design is a pioneer in eco-friendly corporate gifts, beautiful interior items, personalized gift products, and improved packaging solutions!

Some of our gift products are designed to serve nature. An example of this is the Kolo Design birdhouse and feeding station. This way, the product itself becomes a positive environmental action!

Products made from thin plywood effortlessly fit into compact packages thanks to their patented joining technique. Light products packed into small packages are easy to handle, transport, and ship, allowing us to significantly reduce logistics-related costs and emissions.

All Kolo Design products carry the Key Flag Symbol. We manufacture the products ourselves in our factory in Joensuu, Finland, using entirely domestic raw materials.

Our agile organizational structure enables production quantities based on each customer's needs, thus avoiding unnecessary storage space and potential waste.

In addition, we offer a separate mailing service to our corporate customers, enabling us to send finished products directly to our corporate clients' end-users without intermediaries. This saves on transportation costs and reduces environmental impact, all while enhancing the efficiency of the customer's operations.

Product Materials

Product Materials

Finnish birch is the primary raw material in all Kolo Design products.

Among the material suppliers is the domestic company Koskisen Oyj, which is over a hundred years old. The Koskisen Group annually tracks its carbon footprint according to ISO 14067 and ISO 14064 standards.

The group holds PEFC and FSC® certificates for the wood's origin chain, ensuring that the wood is sourced sustainably from well-managed forests, with harvesting done in accordance with laws and certification criteria.

Products are assembled without glue or screws. All coating products we use are entirely environmentally friendly.

Logo markings and text engravings are done using laser marking on the products. We do not use inks or harmful dyes in our products.

Production Chain

We ensure transparency and responsibility throughout the entire production chain by collaborating only with carefully selected subcontractors and partners.

We actively monitor production processes, logistics, and production conditions in accordance with sustainability principles.

Our entire production chain is entirely domestic – starting from growing the seed of the tree. Cultivating and nurturing the forest, as well as all other production stages leading to the beautiful end product, are the handiwork of domestic businesses and individuals, thus creating well-being for multiple generations and society as a whole!

Packaging and Transportation Materials

Packaging and Transportation Materials

For the transportation of our products, we use packaging materials that are completely recyclable and reusable. Kolo Design is also a manufacturer of reusable wooden product and transportation packaging.

One of our partners in print materials is, for instance, Printing House Seiska, committed to fully carbon-neutral operations. They prioritize the environment and sustainability by acting with certified environmentally conscious practices, using eco-friendly colors, and ensuring recycling and reusability.

The print materials we use are 100% carbon-neutral.



We actively monitor the environmental impact arising from our waste. We also continuously develop our production methods to minimize the amount of waste and its resulting environmental effects. We have challenged ourselves to develop new waste reduction measures.

Concrete actions:

-Our advanced planning process minimizes material waste, and from this perspective, we have designed products where we can also utilize scraps. A specific example of this is the Kolo Design golf box, where the marking pegs are made from scraps of Kolo Design birdhouse holes. Similarly, with the Kolo Design craft box, we incorporate surplus scraps from specific customer projects, for which finding a systematic reuse is more challenging.

-We redirect all defective products and production batches directly towards reuse or charity.

Kolo Design - Corporate Social Responsibility

Kolo Design - Corporate Social Responsibility

Kolo Design takes responsibility for the impacts of its business on the surrounding society and all stakeholders involved. Kolo Design's social responsibility encompasses our own staff as well as all individuals affected by our products throughout their lifecycle - from raw materials to finished products, including their sale and use.

It is of utmost importance to us that the employees of our company and the subcontractors within our entire production chain are well. We also aim for ethical conduct within our supply chain and ensure proper working conditions for all employees along the production chain.

Significant and vital values for our company include being Finnish, responsible, ecological, and promoting the well-being of both nature and people.

Kolo Design is a genuinely Finnish company. All our products bear the Key Flag and Design from Finland labels. We are a member company of the Association for Finnish Work.

Our entire production chain is completely domestic!