Kolo Design – Läsnä etätyöntekijän arjessa

Kolo Design – Present in the everyday life of remote workers

The everyday life of many organizations has changed enormously with the increase in remote work - perhaps permanently. Companies that are not used to remote work have had to adopt completely new operating models, which have certainly brought additional challenges for both employers and employees. Naturally, one of the biggest challenges has certainly been in communication in general, which has largely shifted to relying on virtual communication. Of course, holding meetings is easily possible with modern technology, but what about all those informal coffee table discussions, where ideas are discussed more freely or colleagues are given feedback on the handling of work tasks? In this context, there has often also been the thanking and consideration of employees, which should not be forgotten now even in the "remote work era". On the contrary, it is perhaps even more important!

So how would it sound if you received an experience gift from your employer, consisting of a Kolo Design birdhouse made of high-quality birch plywood, delicious Fazer Sininen chocolate and a personalized message? What if the message had also been accompanied by a suggestion from the employer that you could take the rest of the day off, go out into nature with someone close to you, install the birdhouse you assembled and finally enjoy a piece or two of chocolate. At least for us at Kolo Design, this would be a great way to remember the company's new most important resource - remote workers.